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Allison has spent over 20 successful years in the film and fashion industries working as a Costume Designer on commercials, movies, music videos and stills. Initially based in Cape Town, Allison relocated to England in 2014. Dual Irish/South African citizenship means she is available to work in the UK, South Africa and Europe.

extending local knowledge to global clients

Having worked in wardrobe on projects shooting in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, Allison offers international clients the benefit of access to crucial local insider knowledge.

her international presence means allison is able to:

  • realistically inform clients as to what wardrobe is freely available in south and east Africa and assist, where necessary, in cost-effective buying to compensate for potential gaps found in local markets.

  • put together a realistic wardrobe budget based on her unique understanding of availability and cost both locally and abroad.

  • prep where necessary wardrobe purchases and either fly out to complete the job, or facilitate a hand over to local crew.

allison is committed to 'green shooting' practices, including:

  • mood board development that supports sustainable costume design and procurement.

  • holding a social systems lead auditor certification. 

  • founding a circular up-cycled fashion brand produced by the EFI-approved Artisan Fashion in Nairobi.

allison has worked with numerous directors, including:

Florian Meimberg | Joseph Kahn  | Tarsem Singh  |  Keith Rose | Romain Gavras  | Peter Refle | Adam Berg  | Razneesh Ghai  | Nicolai Fugslig  | Cuba Kohak | David Slade | Trevor Robinson | Martin Schmid  | Brian Lee Hughes | Daniel Benmayor | Joschka Laukeninks | Bastian Kuhn | Augusto De Fraga | Chris Morrish | Martin Haerlin | Filip Racek | Devon Dickson | Rob Sanders | Jimmy Olsson | Olly Williams | Justin Reardon


allison has worked with numerous photographers, including:

David Chancellor | Gerard Turnley | Alain Proust | Berndt Possardt | Viktor Ditrrich | Andrea Berger


allison has worked with numerous production houses, including:

e+p films | stink | rabbicorn | bakery | cobblestone | HSI london | mjz | therapy | epoch | rokkit | skunk LA | partizan | quiet storm | markenfilm-crossing | hungry man | hochkant | Neal Street Productions | Great Guns London | Palladium GmbH | MotherLondon | Czar Brussels | PSB |

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“In my job as a commercial director, I have worked with countless wardrobe artists around the globe.  My first meeting with Allison in Cape Town a few years ago was a revelation to me.  Never before have I met someone in the department who is so empathetic, who puts herself so deeply into each character's mind and emotions to develop a conceptual wardrobe approach.  Since our first meeting, I have never worked with anyone else." - FLORIAN MEIMBERG - DIRECTOR


Tel: +44 74 1511 8448


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